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After over 35 years of painting I still enjoy every minute at the easel. I create  every day. My oil paintings include still life, Native Americans, American Indians, western figures (cowboys & cowgirls), as well as equestrian (horses) subjects. I sometimes throw in a Victorian costume or silver screen painting. You will also find a link to my contemporary realism work. New and fun! These paintings include silver objects with their reflections, transparent glass, vintage toys, photorealism, American Indian artifacts, western memorabilia, and lots more.

I live in the Southwest and it’s reflected in my work. It is wonderful out here.

Enjoy the ART !
About K. Henderson
K. Henderson Art
1014 NM Hwy 24,  Weed,  NM  88354 Phone 575-687-2634
About K.
Western Still Life by K. Henderson
Western Still Life
Cowboys and Cowgirls by K. Henderson
Equestrian, Cowboys & Cowgirls
American Indians by K. Henderson
American Indians
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