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K. Henderson Art

K. Henderson Art, LLC, 1014 NM Hwy 24, Weed, New Mexico 88354, Phone: (575) 687-2634

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Single Action Shooting Society


The International Guild of Realism

My studio and home is powered by solar energy. The nearest Wal-Mart is over 50 miles, one way.
Cell phone? They don’t work here!

It is a wonderful place.

Want to know more about where I live?

Below are Images from the “greater” Weed, New Mexico area.


“Aerie Glen”
Southern New Mexico elevation 7,000 feet
We are off grid & solar powered, those are our solar panels. 1kw. We are still building after many problems with contractors.

Some views from the porch. Our deer population has fallen. This last spring I saw one reason, a big cougar crossed our driveway just in front of my truck. He stood and looked at me for some time before walking away!

Top, “Under construction” near Weed, New Mexico. Below the view from the porch. That is the old Hubbard homestead building in the background.

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